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I have ridden a lot of places in a lot of conditions, but nothing compared to the dense fog I hit on the BRP up on Granddad Mountain.

I was with a group of six bikes. The fog was so thick you could not see two feet in front of you. It was all you could do to see the tail light of the person in front of you. Why didn't we stop ? We were so disoriented that we didn't feel safe or see a place we could safely pull over. We were literally going less than 10 MPH. We knew that up ahead was a restaurant and a large parking lot. But, just trying to find the turnoff was brutal.

There were also tunnels that we had to go through. THAT was incredibly disorienting. Going through the tunnel where the fog would abate for a minute and then seeing a wall of white at the far end was bizarre. It was so bad that when the other five bikes found the turnoff (A left turn) for the restaurant, even though I couldn't have been a few feet off the next bike's bumper (I was riding tailgunner), I didn't realize they turned off. I continued for a bit before I realized I was alone.

I made a very scary U turn and found the turnoff. I pulled into the large parking lot (Couldn't see the restaurant from the parking lot because of the fog) and didn't see my riding partners. So, I turned my bike off and listened. I could hear voices so I walked towards them and found them by the sounds they were making. All of them were scared that something bad had happened to me and they didn't even know where or how to look.

That was a few years ago and I haven't seen fog like that again (And I hope I never do). Getting off the mountain that day was an adventure to say the least. Thank God no one got hurt and we all survived. But, it never fails that when we are all together, one of us will bring up the day we road in a cloud !
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