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I don't go to the Suzuki dealership in my area any more, but I was at a Ford dealership this morning. I had a minor warranty thing on my Subaru, so I was at the Ford & Subaru dealership. Same sales team sell both brands.

I was waiting for the guy who sold me the Sube, and another salesperson came over. I said "I'm thinking of an F150, and will probably buy a used one, but I figured I'd see what you have. I don't want to waste your time."

She asked me if I wanted AWD or FWD. Rather than argue the difference between AWD & 4WD, I simply told her that I think Ford's full size trucks are rear wheel drive, and "I wasn't aware of any FWD F150s".

She wanted to argue the point, and started looking at window stickers.
A Ford salesdrone, insisting that a F150 was FWD? I can understand her being clueless enough to not understand 4x4 vs AWD (and it's possible there's an AWD F150), but that's pretty lame all on its own.

Yeah, I won't be buying anything from her.
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