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Originally Posted by DiasDePlaya View Post
So why most tires have almost the same treads design for the front and the rear?

By far the main function of the tire tread is to evacuate water.
The discussion was about dualsport tires for running gravel on the Alcan. If you're gonna eavesdrop, pay attention.

Seriously, the rear treadblocks are designed for propelling the bike forward on dirt surfaces. Braking is secondary. Since the front wheel can't propel the bike it's sole grip function is for braking and cornering. The tire manufacturer will put a direction arrow on the tire to best take advantage of their tread design. A rear on a front should run in reverse so the best grip is for braking. As far as road tires having the same tread desing, true, but not true on adventure and dualsport tires. Similar, but not the same. Even knob height gets considered - too much makes the tire unstable on the road.

But everyone is confused by this tread direction thing because the manufactueres flip flop on us too. Compare the front tread on a Pirelli Scorpion Trail and a Karoo 2. One has the knobs running in a vee facing forward to cup on braking, the other facing backward like a rear knob pattern. Which is right? Both are directional.

More important is tire shape if you're gonna lean the bike. Many rear tires have a less rounded profile on a designated rear design and you can over ride them on the front. Just keep an eye on your chicken strips when you start bending the bike over in turns.

On road tire design is a whole 'nother animal. You get into profile shapes, compounds, heights and shoulder designs, lots'a road racing stuff there. Lots of sipes, no sipes, and on and on. And that's where you got your opinion that 'tread is for shedding water' but that's just a small part of the equation.
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