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Just got a nice Gerbings inner jacket from another inmate used. Ordered up the bike-side harness pigtail for ten bucks and off I went. Gerbings had it to me in two days, in time for a trip.

Put it under a Darien and was toasty at 30's and 40's in the mornings into upper Michigan.

The Gerbings works great. Even the collar is heated.

I am going to rig a handlebar switch so I don't have to fiddle with anything else to turn it on or off while riding.

Never had heated anything before, this Gerbings stuff seems like the ticket. The gal I talked to on the phone I spoke with talked to me in great English, and was attentive. She got me what I needed toot sweet and that was that.

First the Earth cooled. Next came rats, cockroaches and KLR's... and life was good.
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