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I had a bad experience once buying a bike I hadn't first test ridden, and it had shimmy problems the dealer could never fix. I ended up trading it in on a new bike just to get rid of it.

At my next purchase, I wanted to do business with a local dealer, and went in ready to buy. I told the salesman I knew which bike I wanted, and was ready to buy today, but first I wanted to test ride the exact bike I would be buying, and I told him why. He told me I could take a test ride after I signed all the paperwork and bought the bike, and then if I didn't like it I could tear up the paperwork. I said once we sign a legal, binding agreement with no cooling off period, the bike is sold. He refused the test ride, so I called another dealer, got the price I wanted on the phone, they had no problem with the test ride, and they even had it pulled out and ready to ride by the time I got there.

I bought the bike right there and then, and the transaction was painless.
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