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Yes, to a point. However, there IS a significant difference in the painted lines in my town, and they often paint GIANT arrows right at the point where you'll be tipping the bike in to turn. I'm talking slick to the point that pedestrians crossing over them have slipped and you don't want to put your foot down on them. Also, there will be sections (especially in construction zones) where that red clay is spread all out over the roads. In the dry, it's not so bad but in the wet, that stuff turns slick as snot. This holds true regardless of whatever tire you feel is the best and greatest. I'm a smooth rider regardless of the weather, but I do adjust my riding style a bit to suit the wet...there's no reason not to and it's not some admission of over-aggressiveness if you do.

In my experience, you have a helluva more traction than you think at some points, and a helluva lot less traction than you think at other points. Best to use good with everything we do on a bike.

I agree with that riding in the rain 90% of the time you've got more traction than you think you should, but sometimes you've got allot less than you did 5 feet ago and if it's just started raining pay lots of care approaching stop lights and intersections until it's had time to wash some some of the oil away.
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