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I agree and celebrate that this bike will appeal to a broader audience.

But I'm at pains to understand how it's (at least the R version) less dirt worthy than the 9x0 absent any actual actual riding experience.

I hear the same whining about the exhaust routing and can, skid plate, and suspension travel. Yet these are areas where the majority of 9x0 owners have spent money to improve the 9x0's: so what's the big deal? As I've said, the 1190, equipped as many of us will accessorize them, will weigh less, be narrower, have the same or more power with the flick of a switch, have switchable dirt specific ABS and traction control, far more range, and tubeless tires, easier maintenance, etc.. At what promises to be a competitive price point.

I think the posing issue wrt this bike is being done by the people upset about losing the look of the 9x0. That's really my only beef with the 1190 and I would have preferred they kept it. I mean I like the looks of the 1190, but the 9x0 is a shape for the ages.
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