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I've been waiting for this market to boom since 1989! I almost bought a Cagiva Elephant to go with the Transalp but changed my mind sitting at the dealership. I tried to find a XR750 but that never happened either. Still would be cool to have one.

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Well I (obviously) agree, but the vast majority of average joes are going to look at spec sheets, see all the competition with 130-150 horsepower and the lowly S10 with only 110, and strike it off as not even a contender.

I'd rather them not change anything more than colors, so the aftermarket builds up nicely for mine. But I can see the direction this open class adventure category is heading, and the S10 is going to need an update to keep in line.
If you think about it, the vast majority of adv bikes never really see anything more than an occasional gravel road and in some cases only the grass where they're are washed so the only option is get something bigger because everyone knows bigger is better Most of the harder cored OC forum guys were hoping for a 690Adv or a 800Adv, not a bigger heavier beast. I was glad to see the new 1190 KTM still has an 18/21 wheel combo on the R version. and the R version

I didn't know the S10 was an 1200, I thought it was a 900 for some reason. Even with lower HP, of the S-10 for it's size, I think at and the F800, 800XC and the 950/990 are more than enough horsepower for the average rider. My 950 supposedly had 94 at one time, probably down around 84 by now. Heck, even my Transalp has sufficient power for 90% of what I do but rumor has it, the TA will have a stablemate in the spring to even out the Honda/KTM imbalance in the Garage.

Sadly though, in the next few years I'll probably replace my 950 with another 950 or 990, I just prefer street legal dirt bikes and after my last trip and what I put that thing through Saturday, while not the best bike out there, but after 60k hard miles, it is the best bike for me.

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