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Originally Posted by Gryphon12 View Post
Just to check: 6.1 gallons in stock tank is 275 mile range +/- at 45 mpg US. (Optomistic, but some have gotten 48 mpg US average on long trips.)

13" x 23" x 4.5" is a volume of .7786 CF and at 7.48 gal/CF encloses a volume of 5.82 gallons, or 0.82 more than the 5.0 reported above. Is some of this space occupied by more than baffles? Or is this the "air gap" mentioned in your text?

6.1 + 5.8 = 11.9 gal (more than IBA limit?) or a 535 mile range at 45 mpg US.
I will ignore the 45 mph mpg, as that's not realistic in rally mode, or pertinent to the discussion.

.125" wall thickness, so we are talking about 12.75 x 22.75 x 4.0 + a volume of: 5 gal. 1/2" air gap is factored into the mix with the placement of the filler neck, (so you really don't have that 4.5" height, but 4.0 instead). IOW, the filler neck goes into the tank 1/2" so you can't actually fill things to the max volume. The tubes and baffles take up a tad more space, leaving you with the end results of ~ 4.8 gal of useable fuel.
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