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I have had my XTZ for well over a year now and frankly I am a critic of the power modes and defaulting to TC1. Riding around town it isn't the sportiest feeling bike around although I find myself going much faster than I expect. That said I just got back from a 2000 mile ride to Glacier NP. Highest mileage day was 506 miles. Did about 100 miles of rough river rock 2 track. Many miles of twisty MT backroads. Too much superslab trying to get home for my anniversary. In the end the XTZ was an awesome tourer. I had ZERO issues. My ass was not perfect but fairly comfortable. The handlebars are a bad bend but didn't suffer much although my back was the first to fatigue from the bend. I found myself riding fairly spirited running into the low 100mphs (GPS). Speedometer is 8% optimistic. On rough dirt 2 track the suspension and handling was superb. Before the XTZ I had an extremely well modified DR650 with Cogent Dynamic Suspension, Gold Valves... The XTZ will eat any DR up on rough 2-Track (not rock crawling but fast and rough). The bike is extremely well planted and even with Tourance EXPs rarely slipped traveling well over the speed limits. I never felt any desire to turn off the ABS it worked great in all conditions I encountered. My SW Motech skid plate is likely the best insurance I bought for the bike and definitely took some hits by some big river rock. For whipping through city traffic I like my Multistrada 1100 best, for on road touring it is a tough call but the Tenere is more roomy and comfortable and handles nearly as well. Off-paved surfaces I am truly impressed with the Yamaha. As for me 30+ years off road vet B enduro rider. 15 years on road. Sorry about the randomness of this but it is late.

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