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That is something that hasnt been brought up is the weird slow speed handling. Its not bad or dangerous just different than any other bike I have ridden. My goal is to do a no feet down circle in my back yard. I havent made it yet. Slow figure 8's are something that must be practiced on this bike to be good at. Shifting weight around is a must on this bike. It is also one of the things that make it so great to ride. A kayak (For another simple explanation has) What is called primary and secondary stability. I find that KTM has the same thing. Above a certain speed the large diameter rims/tires and center of gravity want to keep the bike upright. Under a certain speed there is alot of leverage because of the height working against you. This is especially true for a short legged dude like me. Once it starts to fall over you have to be ready and dab a foot down or gas it.
Dont get me wrong, I am not faulting the bike for this it is just a tall bike.
Now on the flip side, Get this thing rolling and it will do magic things. It will within your abilities be a joy to ride. On dirt woops my wife looks like she is riding a pogo stick. She commented the other day that (why doesnt your head ever move up and down when you ride. Its all bike and knees I tell her. She rides very tense in the dirt and cant relax. The KTM feels much like a live animal with a semi mind of its own. Let it have its way sometimes and dont fight it. Only worry about the big stuff and the bike will either skip over or crush the little stuff. Avoid baby head rocks though.
When I bought the bike I was told to (ride it standing up until you can do it for at least 20 miles with no fatigue. This is on pavement. It has become one of my greatest joys riding this bike in the mountains standing up and steering with just foot pressure and simple body leaning. This does cause weird looks from cagers though.
I know its getting long but I am 40 ounces into it.
Good safe riding to all.
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