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Try the Ural then

Originally Posted by ausguy View Post
Just to let you all know ever since my hip replacement I have lost all
confidence in putting my foot down whilst riding in the bush this is why I am looking
at a sidecar. I have been eyeing off a ural (sigh I wish we could the 2WD ones) although a bit slow
fairly sturdy and simple (just like me LOL)
I annoyed the heck out of Jon and co at Ural Oz, before settling on hacking my GSA. While you know you are getting a slow (but generally reliable) item with the Ural these days, I was persuaded (and convinced myself) that doing the GSA was the way to go. I already owned the bike. However, the trials and tribulations that went with a purpose built outfit conspired heavily against me ever wanting to do this again.

There is no doubt that I have a fairly capable machine (now). There is no doubt it will travel at (GPS) 110 kph (and faster) all day, as evidenced by my Iron Butt ride with it. However, the reality is that if I want it to last a long a time, and if I want sensible fuel economy, and if I want reasonable tyre wear, and if I want to prevent things from breaking, then I need to travel at under 100 kph, smell the flowers (and dead roos), and generally enjoy the countryside. The journey is a lot of fun. The shed-time can be daunting.

A Ural will travel comfortably at 90 kph. Yes, they will go faster, but ..................

I'd suggest that you look hard at a Ural. The money spent is all you will spend. With anything else, it's a never-ending tail-chase to get it 'just-right'. Happy to chat off-line if you want.

Cheers, Mick.
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