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Thanks for all the advice on changing things and possible problems, I'll bear it mind for the future. At the moment it's running brilliantly, no problems at all getting on average around 60mpg. It's had it's first service so now I can rev the thing and it's great fun to do so. Or you can thud along at low revs just ambling around no problem, such a flexible engine. Never heard of anyone over here in the UK with fuel injection problems. I'm not likely to listen to any of those things when I buy a bike anyway. I've had several supposedly "bulletproof" bikes that have all been a complete nightmare to own, a GS500E, DRZ-400S and a Honda Hornet 600 so I no longer listen to any of that nonsense, it's pot luck whatever bike you buy if you ask me and buying new you're likely to get things repaired under warranty or get things recalled or whatever, so no need to worry.

As far as altering anything goes, I'm not going to bother. It's fine for me as standard, as soon as I started off on the test-ride model I knew it was the bike for me and I don't feel the need to change anything. I can hear it perfectly when I'm riding it and I always wear earplugs so I don't feel the need to change the exhaust noise. I was told it was whisper quiet before I actually rode one, but that's just not true, it's no quieter than most new bikes these days. It sounds quiet on all the youtube videos you can find of it, and even when I took a video myself it sounds a lot quieter than it really is, I don't think the microphones built into these non-professional cameras pick it up very well. The suspension is fine for me, I always ride back roads as much as possible and no problems for me even with a pillion. Bumps and potholes and all.

Again I urge anyone to try one if you're interested in these types of bikes as the proof of the pudding in the eating, not looking at the recipe list or listening to food critics. Try the Triumphs too, as they are different.

I'm surprised these types of bikes don't sell so well in the US. I thought you loved that sort of thing on your side of the pond. I know plenty of you buy the Triumph retro style bikes. I think Kawasaki are missing out.
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