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Hi there folks,
I recently got a '96 Honda SLR650 that didn't work for a long time and paid something like 200 euro for it. After cleaning it all up I realised that it was in better shape than I thought and did an overhaul to the engine, cleaned the carb and it started and runs like a clock.

Then I took it for a ride, and the first time I pressed the brake pedal, it reacted ok but when I took my foot off the brake it continued to brake even more until when I arrived home, the pad was completly stuck to the disc.

Bought a new set of pads, inspected the slave cylinder, took it all apart and it was all ok. I mounted it all again on the bike, bled the brake, went for a ride, pressed the bake pedal and it happened again. I noticed that the pedal became very hard like pressure was building on the master cylinder... with the spanners, i loosened the nut that connects the pedal to the master cylinder and it loosened the pads but the next day I had to brake again and it all happened again but now I can't loosen the nut as it is at the end of the thread.

This never happened to me before, could you enlighten me?

PS. sorry for my english
There's a small return hole in the bottom of the master cylinder that gets plugged up and won't release pressure properly. You can see it if you use a clean, lint free cloth/paper towels etc and sop the fluid out. You need to clean it can try and use a fine piece of wire that fits, but you might end up needing to remove the master and give it a thorough cleaning.
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