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some people don't understand the value of factory paint, especially as our bikes get older and older. take the stock body work off, store it someplace safe, and buy some other bodywork to paint and make what ya want. once factory paint is gone, it's gone. I will always believe a bike with nice factory paint will be worth more than a similar one without, at least I would be willing to pay more.
plus, in 5 years when everyone wants to make their cafe racers into ridable/original bikes, that bodywork will be worth a mint!
I cafe'd my /6 ten years ago, luckily I didn't do anything that couldn't be reversed. it was fun to ride for a bit, but I couldn't really go anywhere on it, and the novelty wore off after a few years and it now sits in the garage, back to stock, and gets ridden a lot more.
to each his own though.
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