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Originally Posted by brstar View Post
Was tinkering with the idea of knocking up a batch of ural style bodies, it is something I could do through my work place.
3mm Ali or 1.6mm steel. A different aproach would be to use core ten. It gets a film of rust but thats mostly it. I would most likely model them of my Chiang Jiang chair but scale it up a little.
Have had a lot of different features and options in mind regards passenger and or camper utility. Any thoughts?
Cheers, Bruce
..................... if you are seriously contemplating this.

From what I've seen in my short time playing this game, there is a market for that style of chair. The more critical aspect from a production standpoint is to get as much standardization as you can in the body and chassis. The 'market', which is quite small here in Aus, seems to be as an adjunct to the bigger adventure bikes. A 'Ural' tub may not suit a Goldy or a GTR1400 or FJR!

How do you factor all the myriad of attachment systems to cater for airhead Beemers, oilhead Beemers, and all the Tigers, Veestroms, KLRs etc? Can be done, but at a cost.

Likewise, you would need to have a simple method for varying chassis height, suspension requirements, wheel types, and so on.

Or you stick to a body with appropriate body options such as hatches, screens, racks, jerry-holders etc, all sitting on a standard box frame, so that the buyer has to have all the rest to suit his/her bike and just bolts the chair to the chassis.

Lots of thought required with dubious returns and a high likelihood that the production will be short-lived.

Not saying 'don't do it', but just think about the market first.

There are many changes I would make next time. Won't happen, but I can see how a 'reasonable' product could been a 'great' product. None of it is hard, but just wasn't thought through by me or the builder. That's what happens with prototypes.

Good luck with it if you go ahead.
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