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Originally Posted by Apxgrndr View Post
Yeah Scandanavian forest axe is what I was thinking of, doh.

Here is what I have so far, Hunter(on the right) and wildlife hatchet:
Nice axes! I especially like that you laid them on your handloading bench to photograph them! Looks like you're working up some rifle loads there. Gettin' ready for hunting season? Only a couple weeks away here.

The Scandinavian forest axe is great. It is midway between a full-sized axe like the American felling axe, which is pretty big and heavy, and a more typical hatchet. When I first got it several years ago I wasn't sure if I'd use it much, seemed kinda like the axe version of a taint. But as it has turned out, unless I'm planning to split big chunks of firewood or rounds, in which case a heavy axe or maul is in order, or fell a good sized tree, something that I almost never do......or fire up the chainsaw.....the midsized SF axe is great. It will do everything a hatchet will do and most of what a bigger axe would if you exclude the two heavy tasks I mentioned, splitting and felling. Limbing, small trees, even using like a knife in a pinch, it's just great. And I found that it carries almost as easily as a hatchet too, it's not all that heavy. Just a very handy tool. I own a chunk of raw land, an interesting combo of riverfront, wetland, woods and meadows, great wildlife habitat. I spend a lot of time just hanging around out there (20 miles from my back door) all four seasons of the year, and almost always have the SF axe with me when I do.
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