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Originally Posted by Lesharoturbo View Post
Wood gas was a primary source of gas for the old "gas light" days with gas plants in every neighborhood in some areas. This was before the discovery of natural gas and propane. I actually visited a brownfield site in NJ that was an old wood gas generation site.

The gas can be cleaned and compressed from what I understand. There is not a lot of information on this branch of the wood gas community though.

Another neat idea is waste gas from a partially closed compost pile. I was involved in a project that turned a landfill into a gas generation site (and a solar farm). The gas was piped to a Coca-Cola facility where they burned it for electricity and hot water. The site was guaranteed to produce enough gas to feed 2 3MW generators for 20 years!.
Neat idea on the waste gas. Do you have anymore info on it?
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