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Originally Posted by The Bigfella View Post
.........................Between Phin and Saravan, Laos. Justin kept a straight face when he told me "there's about 20km in this section that's a bit rough".... make that 45km btw... Seven hours to do about 140 km. Ran out of juice at 100 k after this... Fabulous bit of track.

Never trust anyone that says:

* the checks in the mail
* Its only a cold sore
* Its only a short section of rough stuff.

Glad you;re having fun and that section is indeed a real fun section. The pictures don't show the part that is dropping off boulders up and down the gullies. That section was sooo awesome I did not stop to take any pictures either.

Remember when we talked about approaching mud holes and looking for alternative ways around the hole that have been hacked out with machetes and such??? In the above picture looks like ya jumped in without looking. haha don't worry as I've kicked myself bunches of times doing the same thing and being knee deep in the muck only to notice the alternative path off to the side. Keep having fun on the bike.
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