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Originally Posted by xymotic View Post
ok, so My bike's been leakin' oil for a while. I haven't ridden it in several weeks, and there's a decent puddle under. the thing is, it's been doing this the better part of a year, I haven't ridden it hardly at all, and yet it's still 'full' in the sightglass.

What happens if you grossly overfill a 610? Cuz that's all I can figgure I did... It seems like it's leaking from the top screw above the kick-start plug, which seems like it should be WAY above the sump level.

Tomorrow's project is to pressure wash it, and talc it up and finally find out what's happenin, but I am starting to wonder if I'm like; Jed Klampett and discovered a endless source of oil.
That would be alot of oil alright Jed. You might have Jethro take the fill cap off and tip the bike to dump oil till you see it in the glass.

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