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Originally Posted by Engineer John View Post
...My wife comes home and can't believe I've broken another one. I show her the wrinkles and she says sh__. I spend a couple hours turning gray in emergency and finally the X-ray and a doctor comes out and says "Yup it's definitely the collarbone. Cheerfully he says "We can't help you, we'll just sling it up and give you some pain pills"

Dirt riding seems so much safer than road riding with all the texters, drinkers and just plain bad drivers out there. When riding a bike there is no "insulation" like in a car.

I race bicycles. I race them with about 100 other people in my field and we go fast and hard. While I have never broken anything (except when a car hit me but it was just a mastoid process), EVERYBODY I know has fractured at least one of their collarbones at least once. Knowing wrists, collarbones and pelvi are at the top of the injury list encouraged me do do some research into treatments and for collarbones the best treatment, with the least chance of complications and the fastest time back to normal is surgery.

Get the bone plated and make sure it heals right the first time otherwise you may have to get surgery later anyway if it doesn't heal right the first time. Any sports oriented MD or DO would support getting it plated except for the most minor of fractures with little no displacement (which having wrinkly skin over the break sounds to me like it is not small).

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