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Originally Posted by d.burbach View Post
Oh yeah! Which leads me to my one piece of advice, after it rains, even if the road is dry, watch out for tunnels! It can still be very wet in the tunnels and the sudden transition between dry and wet can catch you by surprise and potentially ruin your day. I speak from experience, the closest call of my life came from just that happening. I headed into a tunnel at dry road speeds to find a very wet road, I hydroplaned and came very very close to ending up in the oncoming lane. Lesson learned!
There is a semantic difference between hydroplaning and sliding... As I understand it, hydroplaning means your tire sort of floats on the water, which takes wide tires and not a lot of weight--ie low PSI at the contact patch; most mc tires have such a small contact patch, I'll wager you have better chances of getting struck by lightning than hydroplaning on the street...
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