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Day 4

Saying goodbye was hard. I didn't want to leave.

Headed back home the same way I came. Lots of great riding, I wanted to explore some of the stuff I passed up due to time the first day.

Went back over Domingo Pass

Then 40 miles or so of this stuff

Cool little cabin

I hauled ass back into Plush for fuel and went to lube my chain. WTF why is it bound up?!
The clip had fallen off the master link and the plate shifted to one side causing the master to bind.
I'm a dumbass and didn't bring a spare clip.
Oh well it's holding, lets see how far it makes it.
Rode up Hogback and 395 and finally had cell service again. Called rescue3(?) and left a message hoping they were in route from the playa and I could catch them in Riley.
A call back and it all works out! Headed to Riley!

Rescue3 pulls up!

That worked out perfect! I literally arrived in Riley 10 minutes before Kurt and Georgeanne pulled up.
Thanks again for the ride back and the great company! All of you!

The End.
You're never lost till you run out of gas....
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