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Left turn problem

I mostly hang out over in the old school section but I think this is a question most over hear would be more familiar with. I ride a Honda ct90 around town. The town is about 10 miles from one end to the other and has 9 stop lights, not a real big place. Occasionally when I ride there are very few vehicles on the road and if I come up to the main road and want to turn left the weight of my bike won't trigger the automatic sensors to make the left turn arrow green. This can leave me standing at the intersection for multiple cycles of the signal until a car comes up behind me and triggers the sensor and I get a green arrow to turn on. So here is my question what do others do? Go through the red light on the next cycle where you get a green to go straight in your direction or go straight and make a U turn and come back and hang a right?

This is something that kind or irritates me because here in California the minimum cost or registering an old bike is the same as registering an old car. For my $82/year I would like the same rights and privileges while driving as the other vehicles on the road. And don't even get me started about feeling like a sitting duck while waiting in the left turn lane.
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