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3) is there a way to wire the headlight so I can put a switch somewhere to turn off the headlight? mainly thinking off road riding where I don't want to wear down the battery or other situations... not sure if it's needed but I always like having the option to turn off the headlight on my 450. I have a three position switch for the headlight on that bike - off/low/high
Depends what switch gear is on it. If it is a rocker type switch above the indicators and behind the horn/kill switch, then there is a small tab on the switch that stops you moving it to the off position. If you can ease that tab out and cut it off / file it down, the std switch will work - it's what I did to mine, but when trying to ease it out, I ended up forcing it out!! Either way I am glad to have the option of swtching it off.

In the pic below I ended up pushing the top rocker switch hard to the right and the tab popped out of the switch cluster, and I filed it off.



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