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Best way to protect your collarbone?

Reading all the Face Plant threads, I'm struck by just how common it is for get-offs in either dirt or on the street to result in a snapped collarbone. It's enough to make a man paranoid.

What's contributing to my paranoia is a successful turn in losing weight (a LOT of weight) that has exposed my upper body to a degree previously unseen. What used to be a nice padding of fat and fat-bearing muscle has given way to exposed collarbones, shoulders and ribs. Forget falling off a bike-- I'm wary now of just *slipping on ice* this winter and cracking something.

Lately, I'm nearly exclusively riding street-- while I'm ATGATT, when it comes to street riding, that's generally just a jacket with elbow, shoulder and back armor, i.e. I don't want to ride street wearing full-on dirt armor.

I intend to start doing more weightlifting to pad and strengthen my upper body, but in the meantime, any gear recommendations? Would a neck brace help? Chest armor inserts? Airbag vest?

Or should I just not worry about it?

Man, paranoia and OCD are *not* a fun combination...
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