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I have a few ct90ís so Iím familiar with that engine and the whole original vs. Lifan dilemma. I still prefer the Hondaís over the Llifans but sometimes it is hard to justify the cost of going original. One thing to consider about going with a Lifan is that it is not a straight bolt in and go. You will need to adapt the wiring and if your bike was 6v you will need to convert to 12v. On the ctís the foot pegs are different along with the engine mounts, but I think with yours the engine mounts might be the same as the Llifan. And then there is the exhaust to work out.

The original carbs are not that hard to find on ebay or you can slap on one or the inexpensive replacements sold by the good dr. Iím not as familiar with the C models but I thought the carbs were a forward facing side draft not a down draft?
There are a ton of cool high performance parts for the 70s that will take them up to over 100cc and they are pretty cheap compared to high performance parts for a bigger bike. Of course there are also some pretty cool high performance parts for the Lifans too.
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