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Originally Posted by slide View Post
IIRC, you can get an F150 in FWD but not AWD.

FWD == Four Wheel Drive. Did you think it was Front Wheel Drive? If so, you owe that sales chick a bouquet of flowers.
She didn't say "FWD" she said "Front Wheel Drive". And, you are wrong.
Besides, as I said originally, "She asked me if I wanted AWD or FWD." Are you suggesting that she asked me if I wanted four wheel drive or all wheel drive? No, she asked me if I wanted front wheel drive (which they don't offer) or all wheel drive (which they don't offer).

Here's the FWD page from Wikipedia -

The first entry is "Front-wheel drive, a common method of vehicle propulsion."
Way down on the list is "An archaic term for four-wheel drive (4WD or AWD is preferred today)."

Don't believe Wikipedia? Here's a link to Chevy's website, comparing their cars to other cars:

Look at the "2012 Chevrolet Traverse FWD" The model name of the car has FWD in it. Later in the listing, it clearly shows that the car is front wheel drive.

Perhaps in 1950 FWD was four wheel drive, but it hasn't been used that way in decades. The saleschick has her head up her ass.
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