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Originally Posted by larryboy View Post
Picking didn't include the 200ml make up oil in the test.

How does it compare to a test from say, 50,000 miles?
Actually since I was doing an oil change anyways I did not have to add the 200ml make up oil. I replaced all of it.

Since this was the only test I did the assumption would be if there was wear taking place then it would be reflected in the metal content of the sample.

Since it was practically non-existent the results would have been similar.

What I will do when the time comes to put in the new crate motor I have for the bike is do a sample with the the dyno oil at 3K miles ( which would include the breakin time etc).

Then test again every 25K miles.

That will be interesting to see. I expect to see high metal content due to the break in for the first change, then it should normalize for the remainder till wear starts to take place again.

While the motor is running great I am starting to get more false neutrals since I have worn out the shifting drum inside the transmission. That will be the real demise of this engine.


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