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Day three, the rideabout begins...........

Howdy All,

The morning of my third day in Oz broke clear and a bit nippy after all it was the middle of winter in Australia. Jock and I had gone through our gear sorting out what to take and what to leave behind. As I really had no idea what was in store on this sojourn I brought along a lot of gear that in the end wasn't needed, one thing that worked in my favor is about two weeks before leaving home I was accepted into "Klim" gears VIP program and so got a brand new jacket and pants at a very good price, my old gear was getting pretty tattered, leaked and was no longer serviceable for such a trip.

This would be Day One of our actual rideabout. Our gear sorted and strapped onto the bikes we set off from Bundaberg to Glen Innis.

This was an easy ride through the country side, lots of trees along side of the road, we rode around and then over a low mountain range, it was quite cold once we were riding, glad I had the good gear.

Jock had a rear tire go flat on the KLR so we stopped at a tire shop to have it replaced. I should point out to those who don't know it, I am very hard of hearing, I am 75% deaf in my right ear and 50% deaf in my left, I have great difficulty hearing and understanding some peoples voices, the combination of my hearing problem and Jock's accent left me at times asking him repeatedly "what did you say", listening to Jock and the man working on his tire converse left me truly in the dark as I could only make out perhaps one in five words that were spoken.

This little piece of wire is what caused the flat, Jock decided to replace the tire rather then repair it as it was quite well worn.

After getting the tire replaced, we rode the rest of the day enjoying the curve filled roads and what for me was to one of the trip long delights LACK OF TRAFFIC, we would ride for MILES with no traffic coming or going it was pure motorcycling bliss, well aside from the critters who would cross the road from time to time. We got a room, got a good dinner and settled in for the night, tomorrow we would pick up the Ural, ah life is good.
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