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Originally Posted by Peirre O`Bollox View Post
Whatever brand the OP buys, I`d check the maximum accesory power output that the bike will safely support, especially if the OP is considering buying multiple items of heated gear (jacket, pants, gloves etc) as the bike alternator may only support 1 or 2 of these items when used together. also they may have to consider any other FARKLES consuming power output while ride
^^ This is key.

For winter riding, I have the Aerostich Airvantage vest (with the zip-on sleeves)...although it is very bulky, the nice thing about it that it is very warm even when turned off. For summer riding, I have Aerostich electric bib which packs nice and small...and is enough to take the edge off. I prefer heated grips to heated gloves...but I do not often ride in *really* cold weather.
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