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Originally Posted by laser17 View Post
I would check to see if it has the "extra" primary side FWW installed. If so, you might prefer the power w/o it. I doubt it will ever compare to the super snappy 280 though.
Dont know much about Beta, but in general if that engine isn't just rattling like hell, has good compression, rings might do something, carb setup could change how it runs.

it is new enough I think you could spend a bunch of money with parts from Beta, or rather, sell it to a new guy you have met, and get him into trials...

Nothing is baggin on beta, above, if it was a GG or whatever, you could spend a lot to refresh it, and find out, that it was the design that year, to not be as snappy as maybe the bikes that it is getting compared to?
This has to do with porting, flywheel weighting, ignition maps, carb and exhaust design...

I know my 2010 Raga 300 is "slower" than my 2011 raga 300, they change little things all the time it seems, because my 08 raga 300, seemed it was "hotter" and quicker than my 10, but less than my 11, and the 11 seems less than dad's 12 raga 300. Even though each bike was equipped the same, from flywheel weights, to carb jets...

just sayin, maybe...
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