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Originally Posted by Bappo View Post
Not sure what long range silhouette is but prolly the cheapest route into long range is a factory savage in a 26" or 30" barrel flavor with a scope of choice. 6mmbr, 6.5 creedmoor, 260 Remington, and 6.5-284 are all available (along with 308 and 223 ).
500yards at BIG THICK HEAVY steel animals, the time I did it they use the same as the small bore, the chicken, pig, ram and such.

When I played the game they had three different classses, fancy smancy rifles and guys that shot them had their name on the back of a vest. Regular hunting rifles with scopes and as issued military rifles.

I would say if the guy that posted up the question can find out what classes they have if they have more than one, then you can get into it for as cheap as a $99 mosin 91/30......I shot a Arasaka type 99 and while I sucked I did have a great time and hit a few animals....and it was luck.

It is a lot of fun....I am not sure if it is all like this but unless you just want to shoot the center fire rifle you can always do the small bore version with a .22, with that it was the same thing....guys with $3000 german 22 rifles with their name on the back and those with the bone stock 10/22. A scope is going to be something you are going to want tho...oh and it is great fun to beat the socks off of them using an off the shelf gun.
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