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I'm sorry to hear about your friend but no, no one cares anymore.

I see it at work, no one willing to put forth the attention necessary to perform their jobs properly/consistantly and they're not held accountable for it why give a shit, right?, with laywers and people's rights .

I see it on the roads, most people caught up in meaningless distractions. No respect for their fellow motorists. No clue that operating a vehicle is the most dangerous thing they do on a daily basis.

I see it in daily life with people growing an electronic device out of their hand or ear. Good grief who/what is so important that it's necessary to text every two minutes?

-It requires using a brain and a little more complex thought to get beyond 10 seconds and the next distraction. For most, those days are gone, filled with endless distractions of media, entertainment...whatever. That's what the masses want, a life filled with meanless distractions. The generations to us all.

Frankly, I'm sick of seeing what is on the front page of the paper, the crap posted up in front of me on AOL/Yahoo/whatever...and the way they try to draw me in to push the clicker. Television, I got sick of that two years ago and uplugged it. I don't miss it. The 'human interest' bullshit that got your undies in a bunch (and should get everyone's) is a perfect example of the next one gives a damn about her going left of center and someone dying...but lets hurry up and get this feel good story about the fucking dog being reunited with it's owner to make people happy . The man who died, what's his story? Don't worry, it won't make the news because it would require more than a minutes read...well beyond the range of the distracted.
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