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The same kind of accident just happened yesterday in WI killing another MN motorcyclist.

In the world of news traffic accidents are mostly 'day of' news stories and the follow ups to who is at fault and what happens to them just doesn't happen but upon rare cases. Those involving public figures/famous names are the exception.

Earlier this summer, most news outlets did stories about motorcycle safety only after we were on pace to set a record for the number of deaths involving motorcycles. Unfortunately, I think they have a 'canned' feel and don't really show the costs of driving a car without motorcycle awareness. The online stories are even worse with a 'rip and read' approach that often leaves you thinking the motorcyclist was at fault. Sometime they are.... often they are not.

If you're disgusted at the stories then maybe it's time to become an activist motorcyclist. If you make noise through your efforts to promote safety you may get noticed by the media in that light. We should all try to promote safety in our own ways that work for us individually. If not, as the weeks and weeks go by with newsrooms stating death after death, we are only going to become white noise.... ignored. indifferent.

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