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Originally Posted by _cy_ View Post
what ever you get... stick to one mfg so ALL connectors will be uniform.
lots of happy Gerbing owners, same for warm&safe, etc.

some folks may like uninsulated heated gear, but when you are freezing your ass off when group is stopped. remind yourself how good of a choice that was....

lots of complaints about newer Gerbing micro-wire with incomplete coverage. hot where wires are, cold elsewhere.

when I purchased mine, specifically looked on Fleamarket for used Gerbing to get old insulated style without microwire to get full coverage. heated jacket with sleeves are needed if one if planning on using heated gloves.

only microwire piece purchased was gloves with microwire. where thinner wires makes a larger difference. coverage on gloves are good.

have not tried wireless controllers yet... anything that reduces mess of wires all over has got to be an improvement.
Blowing a fuse sucks too.
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