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Originally Posted by kraven View Post
This is nothing but your sense of entitlement.
I see this all the time with out of towners who ride the BRP. "But this is the Parkway. I came to enjoy it. Everyone has to clear out of my way." No. No we don't.
The wings were probably doing the limit. Those are all public roads. No one is obliged to get out of your way and let you proceed at whatever pace you like.

If you want to ride fast, go do a track day. On public roads this is what you have to contend with and sometimes be subject to, so maybe adjust your worldview a bit.

No one owes you a clear line or a pulloff on a public road.
Beg to differ. On a bike it is so easy to make room for another rider to pass it's almost effortless. And BTW, may I suggest, you do not have a world view. You have a '"you view". See this on PCH in the Malibu area all the time on weekends when the Harley Herd blocks two north-bound lanes going below speed limits. Fortunately in CA it's legal to split lanes and get around ... entitled farts.
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