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H-D v Buell...Hit and Miss

I was on my way to the Iron Horse Resort and Campground near Deals Gap NC a few weeks ago for the Triumph Rally. I pulled out of Leesburg, VA on my Buell S3 and headed south. 250 miles into my day I notice an oil leak (Insert H-D joke here). Next fuel stop it is a little worse, quick check of the smart phone and I am only a few miles from Wolf Harley Davidson in Bristol, VA. I pull in and declare I am leaking and could I get a professional opinion on severity. The Service writer tells me they only service Harley Davidson Motorcycles. I remind him that Buell was a division of H-D and my bike was purchased NEW from an H-D dealer. He told me that Wolf H-D was never a Buell Dealer and the techs don't know how to service them. We argue,he says he can't help me. I ask him if maybe the service manager can help me, reluctantly the Service Manager is summoned...Day is saved, he says, pre 03 Buells share so many componants that they are practically XLs as far as hard parts go and they can look at it. My rear tire is showing cords so I ask about a tire, again the service guy says only H-D tires, the service manager hears and asks me what size, I rattle off my size and he says that is the same size rear as a Dyna, try that.

I am having a love/Hate/Love relationship. The tech (very professional) says my bearings are bad and they need changing. The Service Writer says the closest buell dealer is 300 miles away and they can have bearing in a few days. I know the bearing part numbers and ask if NAPA can sell them bearings, he says no, the manager says leak is base gaskets so i turn back for home.

Moral of the long story is that Good Dealerships sometime suffer from uninformed employees who only know what they have been told. In the end, Wolf Harley Davidson really came through for me and sold me a tire (Most expensive tire I ever purchased) and helped me on my way when I was stuck.

I apologize for the excessive length of this post. flogg me now and often or I'll never learn.
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