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Originally Posted by Mr_Gone View Post
I was told once by a physician who was, at the time, looking at my broken collarbone, that the collarbone is in fact designed to break when a certain amount of force is exerted upon it. This "break" sort of short-circuits the force of an impact on the shoulder or arm and keeps the impact from reaching your neck and/or head, causing spinal injuries or head trauma. So the fragile collarbone is actually a design feature of the human body.

Maybe the doc was dumbing it down for me, but it made sense at the time.

No, that's exactly right. It's like a "crumple zone" for your spine, neck and head.

That said, if you are adding EXTRA protection to defer the impact before it reaches your collarbone, you are not removing the "function" of the collarbone. What might be dangerous for your spine is to attempt to use something like an exoskeleton to brace the collarbone.
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