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I think folks really need to define what they are calling "slow" drivers in these threads. Are you talking about someone doing the speed limit, under the limit, or maybe even over the limit but still not as fast as you want to ride? As far as I'm concerned, if someone is doing the limit or better, they have no obligation to go out of their way to let you by. For example, if I'm doing 75 in the left lane of a four lane interstate with a 70mph limit and passing a row of four or five semis when someone comes up behind me at 85, I will not squeeze in between the trucks or speed up so they can get by faster. Does it irritate them? Probably so, but it also irritates me that they're right on my ass when I'm already 5mph over the limit. And by the way, 5 over is where I usually am.

Having said that, conditions are not always the same. I happen to live in Texas and easing onto the shoulder of a two lane country road to let a faster vehicle pass is common. I do it all the time, even if I"m already over the limit. It's just common courtesy. But in those situations, the slower driver doesn't have to go out of his way to let the other driver past.

If we're talking about people driving under the speed limit for whatever reason, then to me, that is another ball game. They really should be paying attention and going out of their way to let faster traffic by.

But there seem to be a lot of riders who think that because they're on a motorcycle, they are entitled to ride at any speed they desire on any road. That's pure bullshit and you won't find it in any state's traffic laws. If you want to ride The Dragon like it's a race track, you're the one that's in the wrong and not the guy who's enjoying the scenery while driving at the speed limit. If you really want to ride fast and enjoy the limits of your bike, find a track day where it's safer for everyone.
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