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Originally Posted by Simplyred View Post
I love reading your reports Thijs, it is just like we are there with you.
And you have posted some astonishing pictures!!

How's the Funduro doing? Is it up to the job? Enough power, can it handle the luggage?
How are prices in Sweden at the moment for things like gas, food, camping or cabins?

Don't feel bad about tipping over or falling with the bike. As long as you yourself are OK, things are good. Things become even better if the bike is also OK. This all goes with enduro/off road driving. I have done A LOT of off-road driving when I was younger, and I tumbled over the earth literally every week. There was always something that got you off the bike .
You learn from it. You learn how your bike reacts, what it CAN do, and what it CAN NOT do. That's good (as long as no damage to person or bike). Most enduro's are build to last and to take the falls. Don't worry about it.
The Funduro is perfect for this kind of trip. The weight of the luggage didn't seem to affect it that much. Because of the weight it was even more stable than without it, both in corners and in straight lines. A bit more power would be welcome, especially on the highways. But in Scandinavia the speed is mostly limited to 80-90 km/h, which is the sweet spot in terms of comfort for the F650. Oil consumption was a bit high, but well within limits. Overall I was very careful with the bike, never over-revving it or riding (overly) sporty, but it never felt like it needed that care.

The only downside of the bike is more specific to me, I'm a big guy and I would like some more space to put the legs. The default seat is also a bit narrow, which got uncomfortable after riding 1.5 hours or so. But to be able to enjoy these trips, I don't think you should ride any longer than that in one sitting anyway.

The camping spot without electricity in Sweden set me back about 18,-, I hadn't really camped a lot before so I don't know if that's expensive compared to other countries. I made the (beginnners?) mistake of taking way too much food with me from home, so that had to get eaten first to make room for groceries. Since Sweden was in the early days of the trip I didn't do any real shopping because of this. Gasprices were comparable to Finland if I remember correctly, around 1,80-1,90 a litre (which is still very expensive). In Norway the gasprice went up to an outrageous 2,10 a litre

I know falling off is the best way to learn about both the bike and my own limits. In the Netherlands I didn't really gain any offroad experience, I've only done some small forest trails and small sandy areas before. Had fallen a couple of times while riding these, but not yet on the trip with a fully loaded bike. After 4000km+ of riding this one was a bit of a shell shock, and I suddenly felt very far away from home while being stuck under that pannier in the middle of some random forest.

But I got to walk away safely, only the pannier was a bit deformed. After a hot shower and meal all was good!
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