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Originally Posted by DerViking View Post
At sea level it might be a nice bike. At 7000 feet you have to wind it all the way up, then explode on anything sizeable. I am sure I could adapt to it, but I just dont want to have to. I want my Gasser back.

The biggest problem in my opinion is the way you cannot accelerate on the throttle once you are into a section. If you dont have the flywheel spinning, bleeding off bits of power with the clutch, you cannot get more RPM under load.

Hops nicely though.
Id suggest playing with jets and needle settings... it is too lean or too rich? No idea, but heck playing is cheap. Just write stuff down, lol. Someone has to know how to tune the dang thing?

BTW, I hear high altitude they play with jets a lot, I cannot recall what the setup for my gasgas was going to be, but it was NOT just dropping both jets sizes Like I think we used to do... I should have written it down when someone explained it to me though, lol. But it was different than I had heard before...

Hmmmmm, Where's that record conversation button/app on my droid?
I cant give out carb/altitude tuning secrets when i have CRS (cant remember sheit).
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