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Riding the Met & PCX 150

It seems OK to wife to ride for pleasure scootering-- the preference is back roads and neighborhoods. Now that she has confidance she'll ride longer & further. in face enough experieance under her belt to want a 150 or 250 size which is what I was hoping all along... You simply cant beat a 50 cc for running the town errands you can park
with bicycles, or out front, the thing just makes you appear so damn innocent it funny. Cops dont seem to pay much attention if you not goofing off on it. I cant say I experieanced the fear of someone running into me because its underpowered, you simply have to choose carefully the roads you ride. I will say I wished drivers would simply pass you as if you were on a bicycle-- for some reason most will trail behind you even if your going obiviously slowr like a bike.

The PCX 150 on the other hand can attract cop attention simply because it looks like a crotch rocket at first glance....1300 miles so far on the PCX, seems like its more responsive between 50-60 mph now too....It took 1200 miles of riding before noticed. Also recently was running really bad--almost succmbed taking to shop but, waited until the gas was used up. The next fill up had it running normally. Bad gas has a dramatic effect on these vehicles. I drive it 30 miles each way to work weather permitting. Mostly on 35-50 mph roads. Its fine for that. In order for me to ever see 70 mph I'll probably have to lose 70 lbs..............
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