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Originally Posted by scrannel View Post
Here, I'll define it for you: people going near or below the speed limit who, usually with their buddies, block the road keeping anyone else from passing. On the other hand, we are bikers, not Nash Rambler Drivers, and it's common courtesy to let another rider pass even if you think what you are doing is more than perfect.
When you say "near or below" I have to assume you're including someone like me who may be at the limit or normally 5 over and I can't agree with that. I don't expect everyone in front of me to risk getting a ticket or pull over to the side of the road and get out of my way just so I can enjoy going as fast as I want. And yes, there are times I enjoy pushing it a bit harder. For me, the speed limit is the tipping point. If they're at the limit or better, they're good in my book.

What I said was "if someone is doing the limit or better, they have no obligation to go out of their way to let you by". And I'll stand by that. But I'll also agree they have no right to "block the road keeping anyone else from passing". However, I don't agree that their mere presence on a lengthy section of road without passing zones is "blocking the road". I may not like it if I'm behind them, but they're doing nothing wrong. Under the limit? Hell yes, they need to actively search for a way to let others by.

And yeah, we're bikers (whatever that is supposed to imply), but the Rambler drivers have just as much right to the road as we do.
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