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Can anyone help me identify a bike I saw yesterday?

I was on my way home after work and caught a couple of glimpses of a bike two lanes over. It was a good looking bike and not knowing what it is is bugging the shit out of me.

It looked a bit like a new Norton Commando in lines and shape, but was smaller. Also looks a bit like a CCW Misfit, but I don't think as small. It appeared to be some sort of parallel twin. It was all black, including the motor. The cylinder(s) and head(s) had fins and a squarish look. The two exhaust pipes appeared to routed down under the motor and back up, with mufflers coming out the tail section behind the seat, on either side of the rear fender area. The shocks resembled Ohlins with external reservoirs. Low rise bars. Looked like a new bike, too.

Any idea what I saw???

Commando here:

Misfit here:
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