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Originally Posted by discochris View Post
I had the original Motorola Droid. I now have an iPhone 4s. There are pros and cons to each platform.

I've been a very loyal Verizon customer for many years, but I'm also a Mac loyalist (in part due to my job as a graphic designer). I got the Droid because at the time, the iPhone was AT&T only. My wife was on AT&T at the time, because she had to travel internationally and needed a GSM phone.

She switched to Verizon when she changed jobs, and we both upgraded to the 4s. The reason being it made no sense for us to have separate apps, chargers, etc.

The iPhone from a hardware standpoint is far superior to any other smartphone IMO. Yes, it doesn't have as large a screen as some Android devices, but from my perspective, it's a far more solid, well-built piece of equipment. IOS is also far more stable than Android. My iPhone never crashes. My Droid got progressively worse the longer I had it. I know others whose Android phones from various companies were almost unusable after about two years. The apps for IOS are, in my experience, of much higher quality in terms of usability, graphics and stability than anything on Android, though I've heard that's improving.

That said, I loved that the Android platform is so much more flexible than iOS (I don't jailbreak my phone). The best thing was using PDAnet to tether my laptop and not have to pay to use it as a hotspot. Not an option on the iPhone w/o jailbreaking, or paying extra. Having it appear as a standard USB device was nice as well for moving files back and forth.

I'm really annoyed with Apple for changing the connectors/chargers on the iPhone 5, but my hope is that they keep that connector for as long as they did the iPod/iPhone 3,4. If they do, no big deal. If you stick with Android, you're at the mercy of different manufacturers and their types of connectors. In addition, there are a ton more accessories for the iPhone than there are for different Android phones. (I couldn't even get a case easily for my Droid a year after I got it).

I suspect we'll stick with Apple next time out, but we may be switching back to AT&T, simply because Verizon's coverage at our cabin is terrible, and it seems to be even worse with the iPhone than it was with the Droid.

Wait wait wait. I've recently had and used a original droid. It's a pretty good phone (and not hard to find accessories for), but you're comparing it to a phone that's something like 5-6 generation newer. I now have a droid x- still several generations out of date, but quite a big upgrade from the original droid. Like pound sand mentions, all android phones that I'm aware of use micro usb, whereas the apple phones just switched to a completely new connector.

My droid x has crashed once or twice in the last 6 months. Mostly because the FM radio program is somewhat buggy- but still, I'm thrilled to have a phone that has an FM radio tuner built in, that's most of what I listen to at work, and to have it integrate with getting calls/making calls on the same headset is really nice.

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