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Originally Posted by Solarmoose View Post
Those tires look like Michelin PR3?
Yes they are

Originally Posted by TravellingStrom View Post

Not sure what your 130 miles relates to without your tank size?

You should work out your MPG accurately. I know myself in a Vstrom 650 and with a GS1150 both had large 22lt tanks and we both took a US gallon container and used it, we may have got away without it but prudence won.

Good luck and have fun

FYI a few years ago the Iron Butt rally ran some bikes up there and they are road tourers, a few made it but the most common failure was due to the buildup of snot from the road on the tyres/mudguards causing wheel stoppage and the blockage of the radiator due to the same snot

It will depend on road conditions but if I can do it anyone can

Cheers from Bangkok

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Will do, and I mean my bike can do about a good 130 miles to a full tank.
Originally Posted by Alaskajeff View Post
As said before rider ability is more than 1/2 of it allowing one to make it all the way to Deadhorse. As far as fuel, the Coldfoot to Deadhorse stretch is around 260 miles+-, so you NEED to plan accordingly and have spare fuel to boot just for unforseen stops or delays. Like Marc mentioned, just plan for D2D 2013 as a warm up run I;m sure you will be able to find a riding partner for Deadhorse in the crowd. Going solo MIGHT not be the best choice.
I can bring extra gas jug , and yes ya are right about having skills, cause I know the first few miles intothe Dalton. It got me in check ad I was like ok ..100% focus .
And why not go solo? I guess I will meet with some of you adv rider ad ride next season. Everyone I ride with are city limit riders.
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