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Originally Posted by kraven View Post
Well, I don't think of myself as self-righteous. I just think that all you tourists should really stop and think about your attitudes. You're on a public highway with other people who have just as much right as you. The BRP is a scenic highway built purposely so people can amble along at 35 or 45 and enjoy the views.
No one owes you anything on either road.

That's not being self-righteous. It's just seeing the world for what it is. I don't think that Harley wagon trains have any right blocking traffic and having Road Captains block intersections like they're a parade.
I also don't think that anyone should have to make way for a guy on a sporting machine.

You want a parade, buy a permit and do it downtown. You want a trackday, go to a track. Otherwise, ride and be polite, enjoy the BRP and the dragon, and accept that sometimes you can't ride balls out because there are other people on the planet.
You may not think of yourself as self righteous, but you either are or you are too lazy to read the thread or too ignorant to understand it. There are plenty of places on the BRP to stop and enjoy the view. There are also plenty of places where it is easy and safe to pull over for a mere few seconds and let someone behind you pass. Not doing one or the other is selfish. My riding my ride is not affecting their ability to enjoy the day. Their riding was impairing mine. Who is selfish?
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