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Welcome home! I've read through the thread and am glad you got a lot of good suggestions that helped on your trip. It's not so hard, is it? I've done a lot of solo long-distance rides and it can be a little lonely, a little intimidating, but a whole lot of FREEDOM! No logistics to deal with over every decision, just do whatever the hell you want to do, whenever you want to do it. I love riding with small groups, don't get me wrong, but solo is a blast in its own way.

I had one piece of advice that I don't think anyone else picked up on - DON'T ride in those steel toed boots!

If it's cold at all that steel toe will hold it and freeze your toes. I lived in Wyoming for many years and for Winter we had saftey boots with fiberglass toes that didn't hold the cold. I'm glad you got the AlpineStars, great boots!

Pre subscribed. Looking forward to the read and pictaaaaars. Also getting pumped up for a flight on the 17th.

+1, I'm ready for the ride report! I've ridden in the PNW a few times and it's always fun to see the places I've been through someone else's lens!

Hey, AteamNM, I grew up in New Mexico, learned to ride there, competed in trials with NMTA and rode motocross for a bunch of years, all from home base in Santa Fe! Glorious riding country, amazing deserts and gorgeous mountains, learned to LOVE skiing at Santa Fe Basin, Taos, Sandia, etc. My family moved to Wyoming from NM and I lived there for 34 years before moving to Lexington, Virginia about 5 years ago. It's a whole different world out here, too ferking many people (traffic hell on the main roads), but the riding is very very good. I think you'll have fun on your KLR, sounds like a great trip! PM me for ride suggestions if you are interested - I'm ~160 miles from Richmond and only 20 miles off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Sounds like a great ride!

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