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First Gear customer service.

So, the GF has had a mid-range First Gear Jacket for about nine months. It recently incurred some problems with stitching and seams failing. She calls FG customer service. The conversation goes like this:

GF: “Hi. My jacket has some seam and stitching failures.”
FG CS: “OK. What would you like to replace it with?”
GF: “Eh?”
FG CS: “Pick which of our models you would like us to send you as a replacement.”
GF: “Seriously?”
FG CS: “Seriously”

So, she picks a model that is a step up from what she has.

GF: “How do I get the old one to you so you can inspect it.”
FG CS: “We’ll include a return UPS label with the replacement jacket.”
GF: “Seriously?”
FG CS: “Seriously.”

20 hours after she hangs up the phone the FedEx truck shows up with the new jacket. Inside the box is the promised return UPS label along with a note that FG figured they should overnight the replacement so she wouldn’t miss riding this weekend.

Mind boggling.

Lord, how I wish they’d fix the vents on their TPG series. I’d buy one of everything they make.
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